Thursday, November 12, 2009

India's First H1N1 Drug Launched

A breakthrough has been achieved by the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla Ltd, by launching its product named Antiflu, in response to H1N1 virus on Wednesday dated 11th November, 2009.Antiflu is the only product to officially get nod from World Health Organization.This product launch has come in wake of H1N1 virus attaining pandemic status.


The Prince of Centraxis said...

Swine flu drugs? Watch out!
and know that the cure offered by money grubbing drug companies is usually worse than the disease!

myunrevealedthoughts said...

That was a good news :)

Lily Arbee said...

I've just copy and taken your badge to add on to my blog and have also become one of your followers.

Please do the same as promised

If it still no too late, I would like to wish you a beatiful Sunday.

Lily from Malaysia

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