Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Upcoming Series

India's upcoming series is with West Indies.They will play 4 ODI.Indian team has reached to Jamaica .They will play their first match on 26 june.

Read this...and enjoy

Read and enjoy the lovely fight between the couple.

Husband: Do you know the meaning of WIFE?
It means, Without Information, Fighting Everytime!
Wife: No darling, it means,
With Idiot For Ever

Wife: I wish I was a newspaper,
So I'd be in your hands all day.
Husband: I too wish that you were a newspaper,
So I could have a new one everyday.

Doctor: Your husband needs rest and peace. Here are some sleeping
Wife: When must I give them to him?
Doctor: They are for you

Wife: I had to marry you to find out how stupid you are.
Husband: You should have known it the minute
I asked you to marry me.

Husband: Today is Sunday & I have to enjoy it.
So I bought 3 movie tickets.
Wife: Why Three?
Husband: For you and your parents

After a quarrel, a wife said to her husband,
You know, I was a fool when I married you.
The husband replied, "Yes dear, but I was in love and didn't notice

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wall Painting

These are some very beautiful wall paintings.See them and comment on it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ICC T20 World Cup

Today,on 5th June,ICC 20-20 World Cup is starting at London, England. Last T20 World cup was won by Team India in 2007 where India beat their rival Pakistan in a thrilling match at Johannesburg by 5 runs.
Most of the TV channels will broadcast the live matches of T20.So everyone can enjoy.