Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ups and Downs in the Economy

During the past few weeks, the continuous down in the market can be seen.This cause a sudden down in the economy of many countries.The value of many named companies are going low.The investors are in pain with this downfall.Even in India it is effecting.The rate of Indian Rupee is reached to 48 INR per Dollar.

Nano....from Singur to Sanand

The Nano project is finally shifted to Sanand,in Gujarat.Initially the plant was setup in Singur,but the decision to transfer the plant was taken after the protest.The protest was for the land on which the plant was made.Now the new home for Nano is Sanand.The people there are happy,they think this will bring development in their area and help the people there.

scraped content

These days the scraped contents are increasing in the blogs.The blog owners searchs on a particular topic and write or cut-paste from different sites and articles.They do this to increse the post in their blog.How i know much about this....??because Few time back I use to do the same.....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I went to Mumbai last week.This was my first visit to this city.Before that i had only heard about this city in news and in movies.It is one of the most populated city in India,as well as in world.One can see the crowed ,traffic jams ,rushing people etc. every where in the city. My experience to the city was also not so good,but it was ok.

First Time.....

This is my first post in the blog in which i m going to write.I m confused a little,about what i write here .Before this i never wrote on any blog or site.As i m new in this, so plz help me in this.